Our Vision

Let's build a world of enchanting products that spark joy and imagination.

At Tiny Treehouses, we're not just creating products; we're crafting experiences that invite you into a world where creativity and nature intertwine, fostering a space where wonder and creativity flourish.

Our mission is to enrich the lives of plant enthusiasts and crafters through unique, eco-conscious products that inspire creativity, foster mindfulness, and spread joy, ensuring every creation brings delight and wonder for years to come. We promise to deliver this experience to you with every Tiny Treehouse.

Our Origin Story

Tiny Treehouses sprang to life from a seed of imagination during the quiet days of the pandemic lockdowns. What began as a passion project in September 2020, quickly blossomed into an incredible journey, marked by a triumphant Kickstarter launch. Surpassing our initial goal of AUD $20k and reaching an astounding AUD $300k, we were overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm for our vision. After 18 months of dedication to product development, mass production, and global fulfillment, our Kickstarter adventure concluded, transitioning us to our own online store. Our journey from a simple idea to a flourishing small business has been extraordinary, and we're infinitely grateful for the community that has grown with us.

About the Creator

"Hello! I'm Lars, the heart behind Tiny Treehouses. As a 3D designer from Australia, my roots are deeply embedded in design, architecture, and a passion for nature and plants. My creative spirit doesn't stop there; from costuming to puzzles and crafts, my world is one of constant creation!

The seed for Tiny Treehouses was planted while caring for my plants - one of my many obsessions. I envisioned miniature abodes amidst the foliage, a sanctuary for garden elves. This daydream quickly took shape through sketches, technical drawings, and finally, 3D models, culminating in the creation of my first prototype. That moment was a revelation; I knew something special had taken root. Launching on Kickstarter was just the beginning, and now, with countless ideas sprouting all the time, I'm excited to continue this journey of creation with you."

Thank You

Your support fuels our growth and innovation. Each Tiny Treehouse crafted is a testament to the joy and imagination we hope to bring into your homes. We're excited for the future, for the new designs on the horizon, and to continue sharing our passion for crafting and nature with you.